Boost: Wi-Fi Made Simple.

Blanket Your Home In Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi dead zones are the worst. You know it. We know it. Let Boost take on the responsibility of handling your home network for you. Simply leaving you to enjoy fast, reliable internet in the places you love to live in your home.

Setup is as easy as a call

Certified Boost technicians will map your home to identify dead zones, install equipment, configure your network, help you manage passwords, connect devices, update and maintain your secure signal.

Equipment - you won't see

Boost includes the router and any necessary access points to ensure your home is blanketed in Wi-Fi coverage. The best part, you’ll never know those boxes are there.

Safe and Sound

A certified Boost technician will set up security features, firewalls and encryption to help protect your network. Let us take care of the latest updates and keeping you safe from threats – so shop, stream and surf with assurance that your network is safe.

We're here anytime

Click or call for support any time of day or night, seven days a week. If we can’t help remotely, an on-site visit can be scheduled to get you back online quickly.