Bringing Together the Best in Internet, TV & Phone!

We'd like to introduce you to Eagle Fusion, our newest addition to the Eagle family of products and services to make your Internet, TV and Phone experience better. Eagle Fusion integrates the best features of Whole Home DVR, seamless wifi integration into your home and brings caller ID right into the center of your home - your television.

Watch TV Five Times Better than Normal.

With Eagle Fusion's five built-in tuners, your TV experience just got five times better. Record five different programs all at the same time and never miss your favorite show again - even if it is on at the same time as another favorite. Eagle Fusion has the capabilities of adding an external hard drive to expand your recording space to five times more than a regular DVR, which makes building your own personal video library a snap.

Wifi So Easy, Even the Dog Will Want a Laptop.

Eagle Fusion comes with a built-in wifi router to create whole-home wireless networking with no extra antennas or boxes.

Let Your Shows Follow You Through the House.

Don't let your favorite TV program tie you to one room in the house. Stop your favorite TV show in one room and pick it up right where you left off in another room - without missing one moment of programming.

See Into the Future - No Palm Reading Required.

Eagle Fusion has 14 days of TV schedules built right into it's award-winning, easy-to-use, on-screen guide, so you can see what's going to be on TV for the next two weeks. You can search the schedule in a variety of ways including movies, sports, kids programming, HD or even search by actor, title or keyword. Once you've found your favorite show, record the entire season at the touch of a button.

Set Up a Playdate Between Your iPhone and DVR.

Eagle Fusion's award-winning guide interacts with your iPhone or iPad while at home and away. While at home, use your iPhone or iPad as the remote control to change the channel on any TV in the house. While away from home, you can schedule or delete a recording using your iPhone, iPad or from your desktop computer.

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