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Residential Television Services

There isnít a choice thatís easier to make than Eagle Television Ė itís as straightforward and uncomplicated as TV comes. Stay up-to-date with the latest information, entertainment and the most and best local programming. Eagle Television can work with your existing television set, even if you purchased it eons ago. No need to buy a new TV, and a complicated digital box with a frustrating, over-the-top remote isnít even necessary.

But we know people like choices and they want options. Thatís why Eagle offers multiple cable packages, on-screen program guides, premium sports and movie channels, commercial-free music channels and parental controls. With live TV-recording options like DVR, you can record your favorite shows and watch them when you have time. And for a clearer picture of what weíre talking about, youíd better try our high-def. There really is no better choice.

At Eagle, like you, we share an interest in our community Ė this is where we live. And what kind of company would we be if we didnít offer our best services to our neighbors?