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Business Digital Cable Systems

Eagle Basic (Variety and Value in one great package)

Eagle Basic lets you enjoy entertainment and information for an affordable price. A lineup of your local stations will provide you with your primetime shows. This package also consists of Eagle Exclusive channels such as Eagle Community TV which brings viewers local information from award winning “Street Beat;” an Eagle Education channel plus an Eagle Information channel. The Eagle Advertising channel provides current date and time, and local information and advertising. Enjoy clear programming on an unlimited number of televisions at no extra cost.
(Eagle Basic not available in all areas)

Eagle Expanded Basic (Bigger and Better Viewing Selection)

Eagle Expanded Basic lets you enjoy all that Eagle Basic offers plus expanded programming with additional information and entertainment for the whole family. This package provides even more of the top rated entertainment and information programming available today. Enjoy this programming on additional televisions in your home without extra cost and hassle!

Eagle Digital Cable (Freedom and Flexibility)

Eagle Digital Cable offers viewers a better picture quality on existing channels with an extensive lineup of digital programming. Sports, movies, and premium services including Starz, HBO, Cinemax and Showtime are offered with Eagle Digital Cable along with a wide variety of crystal clear commercial free music channels. Enjoy an extended onscreen program guide and information that is available at your fingertips to help you decide what you would like view without missing your current program.

Special features such as Parental Controls help you stay in control of what you and your family want to watch without having to reprogram it should there be an interruption in power. Along with Digital Cable you receive access to iN Demand and Pay-Per-View for special events and movies.

When you upgrade to Eagle Digital Cable you also have the capability (with DVR) to pause, record and rewind live programming without tapes.

Some subscribers may not appreciate these benefits, but like many things in life, once you have them, you quickly begin to wonder how you ever survived.
(Eagle Digital Cable not available in all areas)

Eagle High Definition (The Future Is Here)

 Eagle High Definition Television service gives you access to the future of television. Benefits include an ultra sharp, widescreen picture and Dolby digital surround sound. HD quality gives you the feel of experiencing what you’re watching; smell the food, touch the sky, feel the excitement of HD technology.

With Eagle Communications High Definition, you never have to rush home to catch your favorite show. You will find it waiting for you when you get back. Think of it as TV on your schedule. Watch daytime soaps at night. Watch Leno over breakfast. It’s your life. It’s your schedule. Many options are available such as recording your HD programming even while viewing another channel, record programs and series by name with new episode options or manage series titles. Up to 124 hours of HD programming and 160 hours of non-HD programming can be recorded to enjoy on your schedule or with your whole family.
(Eagle High Definition not available in all areas)