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Business Telephone Services

What is Eagle Digital Telephone?

Eagle Digital Telephone is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. This technology converts the voice signal into a digital IP packet and then travels through your high-speed Internet connection. When the digital IP packet arrives at the destination (the person you are calling), it has been converted back into a voice signal. This allows you to call anyone; regardless if they have VoIP service or traditional phone service.

Why should you be interested in Eagle Digital Telephone and VoIP technology?

Since Eagle Digital Telephone relies upon the low cost of Internet communications, Eagle is able to offer this service a one low, flat monthly rate. With Eagle Digital Telephone you can call whomever, whenever, wherever (in the U.S., International rates apply everywhere else) for one low, flat monthly price. Also, bundle Eagle Digital Telephone with other Eagle services and save even more.

Does Eagle Digital Telephone have the same calling features as traditional phone service?

Yes and more. Eagle Digital Telephone offers Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail and more.

Big Savings!

By subscribing to Eagle Digital Telephone you can save up to $720 a year on phone service alone and save up to $960 a year when you bundle Eagle Digital Telephone with other Eagle Services.